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GPS GyPSy :: Worldwide Map Advertising

GPS GyPSy is to help people find places to go and things to do.

There are 2 categories of users:

  1. "Consumers" -- people looking for places, and

  2. "Suppliers" -- for example, service providers advertising their places, or helpful people just pointing out good places.

GPS GyPSy helps people become aware, familiar, and confident about a place before making a decision to go there.

Please suggest to others your favorite places to go! Just submit them here. You can also add your comments to others' submissions, and of course read other peoples' opinions.

If you run a business yourself, then please send us your information! Tell us about your place, your services and/or goods, the story of your business, your contact information, your website address if you have one -- or we can create a quick web page or web site for you -- and send us a few photos for our GPS GyPSy listing. A do-it-yourself entry is free for now and the forseeable future (though of course all submissions are subject to approval). Listings in your category are FREE, including photos. However, for a FEATURED listing, please inquire.

Visitors can also send photos of public places such as parks, beaches, forests, scenic highway spots, and so on.

If your mobile phone has Location services turned on, then the photos you take should have their GPS data included in the metadata of the photos, so that we can place them on the map in the right locations. However, it is best if you upload the photos directly to our website.

If you send photos by email using many free public email service providers, the GPS data may be stripped out. If the photos are not from your mobile phone, then there might not be GPS data within. In cases where there is no GPS metadata within the photos, you will need to tell us the location.

Anybody can be a reviewer of various places.

Sometimes the staff of GPS GyPSy review places, too. Our philosophy is to try to review places without bias (regardless of paid advertising, either real or potential) for the greater good of society.

However, we have little control over others' advertisement claims, presentations, statements and reviews, of course.